Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the glove becomes worn out?

The SensoGlove digital computer is designed to be easily remove-able in case you want to take a swing without it. When a glove gets worn out, you can order a replacement from SensoGlove and easily snap the computer right into the new glove.

Does the computer fit on all SensoGlove replacement gloves of different sizes?

The plug-in socket has always the same size so you can use the same computer for all replacement gloves of different sizes. Therefore different persons can share one computer.

What happens if my SensoGlove gets wet?

The SensoGlove computer isn’t hurt by moisture and sweat from regular use. The SensoGlove doesn’t use wires to the sensors, so regular moisture won’t cause a short circuit.

How many batteries does SensoGlove need?

SensoGlove runs on standard watch batteries, which are included and last for 80-100 hours of play.

What sizes are available?

Mens Womens

All sizes are available for the left and the right hand and can also be used together to control the pressure in both hands at the same time. Please check our online store for a discounted offer for two gloves.