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[...] THP saw such a cool transformation that we decided to take this testing one step further…THE PUBLIC. We took a glove in each size over to a very crowded public range and asked people to come over for a quick demo. Surprisingly in just 90 minutes we were able to have 27 people test out the SensoGlove. 23 out of the 27 people that were able to try out the SensoGlove were gripping the club too tightly. With some practice time with the SensoGlove they found out the proper pressure and most seemed to hit the ball considerably better. 18 of the 27 golfers that tested out the glove saw a distance increase by having the proper grip. While the increase was minor (less than 6 yards) it was an increase. 22 of the 27 golfers saw an accuracy increase. The accuracy increase was over 13.1 yards closer to the target on average after using the glove for practice. Out of the 27 people that got to try the glove 21 of them were interested in purchasing it immediately.
[...] If you have the opportunity to try the SensoGlove out, I strongly recommend it. It is staying in my bag and there are quite a few people from our testing that shared the same beliefs that I have shared today. A couple of simple tweaks and we were hitting the ball much better. While it is nice to know the pressure, the key is to know where the pressure is and fix it. For that reason alone, we strongly recommend the SensoGlove.

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[...] We found very quickly that our grip was too tight. I never would have thought that had I not had on this glove. When ever I started my back swing the glove began to beep indictating too much grip pressure. It took me a little while to be able to swing without making the glove beep at me. But when we did our ball flight was good and the distance was too. By having the correct, light grip we found that we swung the club with more ease and our shots were straight and distance was good. We highly recommend this glove as a resource to assist in learning the proper grip pressure to swing the club effectively.

SensoGlove claim, like every other training aid manufacturer on the market today, that the use of their product results in a smoother, more consistent swing with greater distance. And, to our amazement, it did just that. [...]
According to the SensoGlove, almost everyone at Whitley Golf were gripping the club a little too tightly with the index finger. So, accordingly, we all re-adjusted our pressures to compensate and were amazed at the results. Not only were we hitting longer, straighter and more consistent shots, we also saw an increase in spin rates and ultimate stopping power.
[...] if you want quick results that really work, you couldn’t spend your money on anything better.

Overall rating: 45/50


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When I first picked this up I thought this might be an expensive gimmick. But boy was I wrong! This has proved to be one of the most useful training aids I have tried and [...] it’s good value too. [...]
Working on the “tight muscles are slow muscles” theory, I have been using this in my pre-round warm-ups and I have been hitting the ball further than ever before. By pinpointing areas of tension in my fingers at address and during my swing, I have managed to improve my rhythm and tempo resulting in more consistent ball striking. It’s even proved useful for chipping, pitching and putting.[...]

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