"Many of the students we teach at our golf school struggle with grip pressure. More than 90% of our students grip the club too tight! Until now, it has been a challenge to communicate proper grip pressure to a student. SensoGlove gives the student immediate feedback and creates a feeling of the proper grip pressure. I recommend SensoGlove to any student."

Mark Durland, Director of Instructions at Naples Grande Golf Club, Naples, FL USA

"One of the worst mistakes I see amateurs make in chipping is gripping the club too tightly or changing their grip pressure from the practice stroke to the real thing. Most often that activates the wrists and leads to a quick, stabbing motion."
Tiger Woods, Golf Digest 2006

"Light, consistent grip pressure is one of the keys to negotiating lightning-fast greens. A lot of amateurs either grip the putter too tightly from the start or increase grip pressure during the stroke."
Tiger Woods, Golf Digest September 2007

"Trying to be powerful only results in a death grip and creates tension in the hands, wrists, arms, shoulders and back. Such tension inhibits the muscles from firing quickly and results in slower – not faster – clubhead speed. Tight muscles are slow muscles."
Jim Flick, Golf Digest March 2006

"You unconsciously grip it tighter, which keeps you from making a smooth swing with a natural release. Keep your grip pressure light, and you'll be surprised how much your mechanics stabilize."
Ernie Els, Golf Digest January 2007

"If I could check your grip pressure, I'm pretty sure it would be too tight, and then you wouldn't be able to make a rhythmic swing -- or get your best accuracy and distance."
Tom Watson, Golf Digest April 2008

"If your arms are stiff or you hold the club too tightly, the clubface won't open and close naturally. You have to keep your whole body soft and flexible, the arms and hands especially, for this to happen."
Jackie Burke Jr. , Golf Digest April 2006

What SensoGlove customers are saying:

"I worked with your glove on my left hand yesterday and found it to be a revelation!  I noticed that it not only discourages squeezing, but also a correct swing path (an incorrect path encourages squeezing and vice versa I guess)."

Mark, USA


"I think that your glove is brilliantly engineered"

Brad, USA


"I played golf at the collegiate level, but over the last few years my handicap has climbed from 1 to 6, with my scores in the high 70's and low 80's due to poor ball contact. I felt I was gripping too tight and wasn't releasing, but wasn't sure. I ordered your gloves and went to the range every day for a week simply learning to swing with a super light grip. My next 2 rounds were a 70 and personal best 65! I'm back! Thanks for your product."
James, USA

"I always thought that I had a light grip pressure. SensoGlove immediately showed me that this was not the case because I unconsciously squeezed the club after takeaway. After practicing a while with SensoGlove I realized how a light grip really feels and now I am hitting the ball much further with less effort."
Christian, SensoGlove setting: 11 for driver/12 for irons

"I have received the glove and aim deeply impressed. I must confess I was a little skeptical in the beginning, but this glove is brilliant!"
Per, Denmark

"I am extremely pleased with your product and it has helped a great deal. But your customer support is outstanding."
George, USA

"With the SensoGlove I realized that I had way too much tension in my hands and arms. SensoGlove helped me to get rid of that tension and now my golfers elbow is gone and I can finally play pain free again! [...] I use SensoGlove on the putting green and now I have much better distance control and I am making much more putts than before."
Linda, SensoGlove setting: 14 / 17 for putting

"I am THRILLED! After working with SensoGlove for two days, I have increased my driving distance to an average 260 yards - that is almost 50 yards more than before.
Thank you, SENSOGLOVE!"
Alex, SensoGlove setting: 10

"I love the glove."
Keith, Canada

"SensoGlove showed me how I have changed my grip from the practise swing to the real swing. Now that I have learned to keep the right grip pressure at the same level during my whole swing, I am swinging much more on plane and I can generate more clubhead speed."

Frank, SensoGlove setting: 8 for driver, 11 for wedges