SensoGlove is the first and only golf glove with built-in sensors that constantly read the pressure of yourgrip. Practicing with SensoGlove will teach you the correct grip pressure for a smooth, consistent swing that delivers greater distance, enhanced precision and lower scores!

Maintaining a lighter grip pressure is regularly discussed in every magazine and by all the professional golfers and teaching pros. The trouble is it’s difficult to learn exactly what they mean by a light grip pressure and most golfers end up swinging with a death grip.



SensoGlove’s built-in digital computer actively monitors your grip with sensors placed strategically throughout the glove, providing instant feedback at all the points of your swing. SensoGlove’s audio feedback warns you at the moment your grip becomes too tight, allowing you to learn and maintain correct grip pressure at every point of your swing.

Everything about your swing is affected by the way you hold the club! SensoGlove will teach you the best grip for every part of your game!


Use SensoGlove...

...anytime and anywhere!

The SensoGlove can be used for backyard practice, on the driving range or during an actual round. It looks and feels just like any other golf glove, and the lightweight digital computer can be removed and replaced without removing the glove, so you can use it only when you
need it.

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SensoGlove Benefits

SensoGlove is the only golf glove with a built-in digital computer

SensoGlove is the only golf glove that monitors your grip pressure throughout your swing

SensoGlove looks, feels and works just like a regular golf glove, so you can use SensoGlove for practice or play

SensoGlove improves every part of your game – a lighter grip improves distance and accuracy with every club, including chipping and putting